Who Are We?

Wrong Strat started out as a small group of friends on Smolderthorn-US back at the beginning of Cataclysm. We contested as one of the top server guilds (#2 to be specific) all through Cataclysm until the server population changed from a medium status to barely small ā€” which consequently made the recruitment pool extremely thin; which then led to the guild going on a short hiatus during Mists of Pandaria.

Before long, we decided to cut the cord and transfer to a new more populated server and we decided to settle on Sargeras-US about two weeks prior to 6.2 hit, and since then we have been rebuilding for Mythic content.

Guild Leadership

Our philosophy is to have a very strong leadership presence that interacts with the guild as a whole while, most importantly, leading as equals and not superiors, primarily providing direction. Without you there is no guild ā€” you are just as important as we are. Good communication keeps a guild strong. As such, we have our Officers compartmentalized with each having their respective duties.



Team Building


You make Wrong Strat happen. We
recruit from within and chose the best
of us to represent us. It's all about the team.

Officers help run the guild along side the Guild Master.

Guild Roles

Guild Master - Leader of the Guild.
Officer - Officers help run the guild alongside the Guild Master.
Core Raider - This rank shows you are a core raider and able to do all content.
Flex Raider - This rank shows you are part of the raid team. You may not be geared or experienced enough for high content.
Veteran - Retired raiders.
Trial - Rank is under watch to be considered for the rank of Raider. This rank lasts 2-4 weeks(Raid Weeks).
Social - A member of the guild who does not raid.
Alt- rank for alternate characters.