About the Guild

Find out about the guild’s history, its members and what they have experienced along the way. If you like what you read you may want to apply to be a part of the guild into the future!

Who are we?

Wrong Strat started out as a small group of friends on Smolderthorn-US back at the beginning of Cataclysm. We contested as one of the top server guilds (#2 to be specific) all through Cataclysm until the server population changed from a medium status to barely small — which consequently made the recruitment pool extremely thin; which then led to the guild going on a short hiatus during Mists of Pandaria. Before long, we decided to cut the cord and transfer to a new more populated server and we decided to settle on Sargeras-US.

Our Policies

Wrong Strat expects its members to abide by these rules at all times. If not, there will be punitive action enforced. Language Use of sexual/racial slurs, cursing, & anything else that may be offensive will not be tolerated.
Always follow the Blizzard code of conduct. Getting banned isn’t cool.
Be as helpful toward guild members as you can.